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Our services range from running everyday errands,

referrals, home office & relocation issues, to design professionals.


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Professional Services

Interior Design services are available for even the smallest of jobs.Whether it be furniture placement, window treatments, paint colors, or a sounding board for your own ideas, weíre here to help.If youíre selling your home, a non-interested party can lend some helpful advice as far as what might help sell your property effectively.If youíre buying a home, let us help make it your own.If what youíve always dreamed of needs an Architect, we can refer one. Let us help...Because We Can.

Referral Services

If youíre buying land, a new home, or reviving the old trusty homestead, we can refer you to the people who can help.Whether it be a real estate agent, an architect, or the right trades, we know who you need.After all, not just anybody should be let into your home.It can be overwhelming and down right confusing if youíve never attempted such a feat before.Let us guide you through the process minus the headaches. Let us help...Because We Can.

Homeowner Liaison

Waiting has the potential to suck the life out of any property owner. Trades people are needed; plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, etc.First you need to find someone and then you have to wait.We have been in the building industry for 25 years and understand how this can be frustrating to the normal person. The scenario: You call a plumber to fix a leaky sink.He schedules a day and time to make the repairs.Youíve taken the day off from work, and wait, and wait, and he doesnít show.Things do happen on other jobs that can hold him up, but a simple phone call can alleviate such problems.Let us wait, find and capture the plumber!All you have to do is come home from work.Let us help...Because We Can.

The Home Office

Working from home is great, but sometimes you just need someone to take care of the little things so you can keep going. The post office, the bank, the next day air package thatís got to go! Oh, but the office supplies are low. Where does the time go?With all that running around, youíll never make that deadline.Let us help...Because We Can.


The dry cleaning, return that video, hit the bank, the post office, and oh yeah, return that sweater that didnít fit Suzy. Donít forget Peterís allergy prescription.Thatís right, you can get that on the way to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner tonight at the Mayoís. Donít forget to snag dinner for the kids, they need to eat too remember.Itís 7pm.Dinner at the Mayoís would be fun if you had any energy left.Let us help...Because We Can.


It always seems like a good idea at the time, but somehow you never end up with enough time to get yourself ready! Party planning can be efficiently done so that you actually enjoy yourself, and make your grand entrance as though youíve been waiting all day for your guests to get there.††† Let us help...Because We Can.

Gift Certificates

Who wouldnít want the gift of time?

Anniversaries, Birthdays, Motherís Day, Holidays, Baby & Bridal Showers, Family, Friends, Teachers and our own personal favoriteÖÖBecause We Can.

Package Plans

Basic, Time Saver, Executive


This is How it Works:


Monday through Friday10am - 6pm

24 hour notice requested


Hourly Rates, Plus Purchases


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Professional Services:


Interior Design†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Paint Colors, Furniture Placement,

Accessories, Consultations, etc.


Referral Services:


Trades People

Real Estate Agents


Estimate by Architect

Estimate by Trade††††††††

None to Client

Homeowner Liaison:

Waiting services:

Cable, Telephone, Deliveries and Trades People


Home Office

Package Delivery/Bank/Post Office††††††††††††††††††

Office Supply Delivery




Everyday Errands

Shopping & Gift Wrapping



Party Planning


Gift Certificates

Any Amount

Package Plans Available


Time Saver:


Unused amounts roll over to next month

Paid in advance




All purchases are reimbursable



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Payments are due at the time of service.

Cash, check or money order is accepted.

Rates are subject to change without notice

All information is confidential and will not be released without written consent of the client.