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Welcome to 2ub Labs

Where our mascot Fang keeps the gremlins at bay


Radio Projects

2 GHz Transverter

5 GHz Transverter

Icom IC-2AT Museum

Marker Generator



Programming Projects


Tenma Multimeter Data Logger

Grid Square Calculator Web Form (Server Side Tcl)

Grid Square Calculator (Tcl/Tk)

Grid Square Calculator (Online Java Applet)

muCalc Tcl Bearing and Distance Calculator (Tcl/Tk)

PICA VHDL Simulator Patches

Brusey20 Finite State Machine to VHDL Converter

Embeddable interrupt driven Morse Code player

C++ Class

Ring Tones made with RoverLog’s Keyer in Debug Mode

CW Ring Tone Generator - Stand-alone Windows program to make CW WAV files for arbitrary messages. HINT: Use these WAV files as ring tones on your phone to identify the caller by CW.

Web Projects

Identify Your Geographical Location from Your IP Address

N1MU Map

RoverLog Users Map (static)




Educational Projects

Radio Principles Presentation

My Engineering Career Presentation


Art Projects

Cafepress items for sale

Gallery of Original Artwork


Other Miscellaneous Projects

Potato Cannon

Basement Shelves



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